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MSR400(mini400) Portable Magnetic Stripe Reader

Pricing Features Specifications

These products are intended only for legal use. Please check you local laws before use. These magnetic card reader products are new and original, and come complete with software, cables, and power cord sets. 

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MSR400 (mini400) is built in RS232 and USB interface Portable Data Collector.  Different interface can be interchanged by just switching the cable. It's a rechargeable battery-powered portable magnetic swipe reader, which is specially designed for magnetic stripe data collection at anytime and anywhere without computer. Data is read from the card and kept into the memory then downloaded to the computer.  

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If the back of your MSR400 or Mini400 does not look like this then you have been ripped off. We sell only the original product.  


  • 512 K bytes memory for storing 3000 data   
  • Triple track version can collect all 3 tracks data  
  • RS232/USB 2 in 1 interface
  • Rechargeable battery lasts 50,000 swipes
  • Battery powered and low battery indicated
  • Charged by power adapter (5v /110~240v) or USB only 1 hour to Full
  • Time stamp shows date and time with every transaction
  • Data downloadable to the computer via RS232 or USB 
  • Auto Power Off /Switch Control/Really Control set by user
  • Transfer data to MSR206 directly
  • Password Protection defends user
  • Bi - Directional 
  • Software easy to use  
  • Any movable data collection (Trade shows, Racing events)
  • Point of sales (Credit card data collection)
  • Law enforcement (DMV card)
  • Attendance (Student ID, Membership card)



 ISO Standard

 Track 1

 210 bpi,  79 Alphanumeric Characters   

 Track 2

 75 bpi,  40 Numeric characters

 Track 3

 210 bpi, 107 Numeric characters  


 Memory size

 512K stores up to 3000 records 

 Time stamp

Date: YY/MM/DD ( 2002/04/12 => April 12, 2002 )

Time: HH:MM:SS (19:08:35 => 7:08:35pm)

Week: Sun.=>1, Mon.=>2, Tue.=>3 Wed.=>4, Thurs.=>5, Fri.=>6, Sat.=>

Example: 2002/04/12 19:08:35 6 => April 12, 2002,  7:08:35pm, Friday


 RS-232, Half-Duplex. 8N1, 9600 bps


 card speed through the unit may vary from 3 ~50 ips  

 Battery Power

  3.7v 220 mAH Rechargeable Battery


 Working Temp

 0~55 Deg. C

 Storage Temp

 -10~55 Deg C


 10~90% Relative



 L 3.23 x W 0.75 x H 1.0 inch   ( L 8 x W 1.5 x H 2.5 cm )

 Net Weight

 1.7 oz

All specifications subject to change without notice  

These units are designed to write and verify magnetic strip data and do not eliminate the need for read only units. All sales on encoder products are final. DOA's will be repaired or replaced. The 1 year manufacturer warranty is in effect from date of purchase.